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 Few thundery showers in east, hot and dry west Friday Thunderstorms breaking out across northern and eastern Spain on Friday. Fair for Portugal, central and southern Spain with lots of hot sunshine. More sunshine to come across the Balearics and through Corsica and Sardinia. Thunderstorms may affect the south of Italy, whilst central and northern areas are dry and sunny. Fair for Greece and Turkey with more sunshine here throughout the day. France will have a mostly dry day with lots of sunshine, although some showers in western France. The Low Countries and Germany will be dry with more sunshine. Staying fine in Poland, more sunshine. The dry weather persists through Austria with more sunshine here. Showers in Switzerland, some of them heavy. Denmark is going to be fine with plenty of sunshine and dry weather. The Baltic States will be dry with more sunshine and this continues into Finland. Sweden stays dry and sunny. Norway will have a mix of sunny spells and scatte red showers.
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